New Pop Up Cosplay video by Amalgam Studios!

New Pop Up Cosplay video by Amalgam Studios!

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You guys!! This is incredible!!! Amalgam Studios made an AMAZING Pop Up Cosplay video with me!! LOOK!

It features three of my costumes: Madame Hydra, Assassin Shao Jun, and myLion Forge Comic Book superhero! 

We shot the footage at Comikaze Expo, and Amalgam Studios has been working hard on creating this fantastic Showcase ever since! I can't believe all of the work that went into editing, the special effects, the pop-up anecdotes, music and backgrounds ;_; 
I got chills watching it!
Be sure to subscribe to their Channel for more cosplay videos and other cool uploads! 

Tell them what you think of my video by tweeting at them! Did you like it? 

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